Our clients put unmatched effort, time and work, into developing and growing their businesses. Every business tells a unique story of passion, dedication and success. 



Shoug Al Ghunaim and Noura Alebraheem’s life-long friendship developed into a professional partnership, when they founded GRID. The Identity and Interior Design studio has recently started developing, creating and implementing design concepts that align with their client’s aesthetic vision. Grid’s passion, hands-on approach and originality allows them to stand out as a creative force in the Kuwait design scene. Grid’s unique designs lead to the studio being featured in the third issue of Select, an annual coffee table and directory that highlights the latest conceptual developments in Art & Design.



Client Testimony

“It was hard to keep track of all the proper paperwork needed to track the development of our business. With the proper team dedicating their time to record our information, we have a better understanding of the risks we can take as a business. Keepers’ transparency in communicating with us about every detail regarding our business helped us feel more confident about the financial success of our business. The open and honest relationship we share with Keepers has been a vital part in moving our business forward, and is definitely worth the investment. With Keepers we didn’t just receive accounting and advisory services, we gained a friendship as well.”


Client Testimony

“Despite being successful in the technology and social media industry, Ghaliah Tech lacked in the financial and accounting aspect prior to hiring Keepers. We didn’t understand the importance of accounting, our bookkeeping wasn’t consistent, and we didn’t have a proper system in place. Keepers was able to develop an accounting base and system for us, which has helped us keep our finances on track and allowed us to effectively understand what was going on with our business from a financial aspect. The best part of working with Keepers for us, was the team. Not only did they get the job done, but they were extremely helpful. They answered all our questions, were very attentive and put our minds at ease. Keepers has played a major role in our success and we would proudly refer any business to them.”


Since it’s establishment in 2011, Ghaliah has developed into the leading online communication agency in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and most recently UAE. Ghaliah helps organizations of all types and sizes leverage the continuously growing role played by social media to provide the highest return possible. The company has managed to popularize the concept of social media management, and changed it from offline to online. Ghaliah’s Social Media management and marketing services have helped over 1500 local and international campaigns, and they have organized over 5,000 advertising campaigns and more than 500 social events thus far. As Ghaliah continues to grow, so does their success.



The Approved Market

The Approved Market, located in Al-Sanabil Tower, is owned by nutritionist Fahad Al-Yahya – “The Diet Ninja” – and dietician M. Al-Saqer – “BoDarwish.” Fahad noticed a high demand for healthy products in the market, and a lack of places that provided them. The market provides healthy, organic, and diet-friendly goods “approved” by him and his colleague. The market sells an assortment of organic peanut butter, fat free Greek yogurt, protein ice cream, Quest bars, and healthy potato chips, among many other items.


Client Testimony

“When we first started out, we faced a lot of difficulty trying to organize our finances and financial documentation. Like many small business, we tried solving the issue on our own, but lacked the knowledge to successfully do so and ultimately turned to Keepers for help. We can’t begin to describe the difference this decision made to our business operations. The guidelines they provided us with helped us stay on track, and we finally had a clear picture of our financial standing, which allowed us to make better decisions and plans for our business which were based on facts and accurate estimations. What we also found in working with Keepers, was that we were better able to deal with any critical or urgent situations. Keepers helped us solve problems that we came across quickly and efficiently.”



Client Testimony

“We are happy to have started working with Keepers from the very beginning of our start-up journey. We’ve managed to keep our finances organized and maintain clear insight into the state of our financial health. The team at Keepers has been very flexible with us, and has always delivered accurate results. I would absolutely recommend them to business owners in Kuwait.”

Vol. 1

Located in the heart of Kuwait City, Vol. 1 is one of Kuwait’s leading coffee shops, serving top quality coffee products using only machines of the highest standards. You can taste the difference quality makes, when you try any of Vol. 1’s artisanal coffees made with handpicked, freshly roasted, and freshly ground coffee 100% arabica coffee.



Client Testimony

“Before working with Keepers, we were making a lot of our business decisions based on assumptions. The task of figuring out the accounting and financial aspects of our business was overwhelming, and we faced a lot of difficulty in being able to keep accurate figures. As much as we tried to be organized and push ourselves to keep track of our finances, we couldn’t do it, and that was when we decided to move forward with Keepers. The supportive and knowledgeable team at Keepers tracked our finances, provided us with valuable advice and continues to support us in growing our business. I think many small businesses don’t realize the vital role the accounting and financial aspects of a business play in its success. Keepers helped us realize this and we would happily recommend them to any business.”


Circuit+ gym first opened its doors in 2012. The now extremely popular crossfit gym, came to be after its founders returned to Kuwait from studying in the States, and noticed the lack of workout options available. Crossfit had already gained popularity globally, but was still not introduced to Kuwait. Circuit+ founders saw an opportunity to create something that would fill that gap, and in the process allow people to achieve their health and fitness goals in an enjoyable new way. Throughout the past few years, Circuit+ has continued to grow and progress, what started out as one branch, has now become a leading force in Kuwait’s health and fitness scene. Circuit+ hosts Battle of the East, the most recognized and respected event of its kind worldwide, featuring some of the world’s best athletes.




Off Road Performance is a Kuwaiti retail and wholesale company and was established in 2007 – as the first of its kind – with the goal of serving the four-wheel drive market with high-end quality brand products, at the best possible price. They are specialized in 4x4 parts and accessories and provide everything needed for trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps. They provide installation services and warranty programs for products and services. Some of their main products are wheels, bumpers, and off-road lights, among others. They have the latest technology and equipment consisting of car jacks, a wheel alignment machine, tire changing and balancing machines. Their location houses trained and experienced individuals who work in their warehouse, showroom, workshop and management office.

Client Testimony

“At the initial stages of our business, we were mingled in figuring out our finances. We didn’t know what our net profit was, how financially sound our pricing was amongst other details. Although we kept track of all our financial information on spreadsheets, we still couldn’t do everything by our own. We could not analyze the information we hold and use it to plan. We decided to go with Keepers in the early stages, they helped us prepare our books and set up a process for ORP.  Keepers provided ORP with their flexibility and ease, they work beyond the expectations to know our business and truly understand it. To be more precise, Keepers team is well informed and knowledgeable. We highly recommend anyone that whoever is starting a business, they make sure to start with solid financial assistance to gain more insight about his/her business. We are glad to have chosen Keepers.”

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Client Testimony

"We didn't face any great obstacles for our business startup, as Keeper with us from the day one in our journey. Keepers keep updated Mr. Cleavers performance and respond with responsibility on every doubt we had in our accounting. Keeper's team is energetic and passionate in giving great support. We also receive best practical advice when it comes to accounting and cash management processes.

Mr. Cleavers is proud to say that Keepers make their accounting team members to be incomparable and we're receiving what a large company could get from their own internal accounting team."


Mr. Cleavers

Mr Cleavear’s is a butcher shop located in Shuwaikh Industrial Area. The highly popular butcher shop provides the highest quality of meat available in Kuwait, 100% Halal. The idea behind starting Mr Cleaver’s came when the founders noticed a niche in the market and a demand for fresh, high quality meat. The shop itself is unlike any other butcher shop in Kuwait. It’s modern interior and slick “neighborhood style” design, elevate it to a level no other butcher shop in Kuwait has reached.. Since it’s opening, Mr Cleaver’s has enjoyed great success and recognition.