Keepers was founded in 2010 with a principal understanding and core belief that the finance department is the backbone of any thriving business. Financial efficiency allows for growth and provides businesses with the freedom to explore their creative development options. We at Keepers hold ourselves to a high standard and aim to provide this freedom to our clients. We deliver high-quality services that include accounting, financial, and business advisory services.


We believe our strength lies in the emphasis that we place on people’s needs, and we have taken great care into building a team, which is comprised of highly skilled and diverse individuals. Our team works toward delivering unique and effective financial solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises in the region. The cutting-edge software that we utilize takes our services to the next level by allowing us to present our clients with the most precise potential results.


As believers in the concept of continuous improvement, we are constantly working on ensuring that as we improve and grow; as do our clients. 


Our Mission

We aim to go above and beyond in providing beneficial and professional services that exceed our clients' expectations.


Our Vision

We envision becoming an international leading force amongst accountancy and finance advisory firms, by providing innovative services that will allow our clients to reach their full potential.


Our Promise To You 

We believe in entrepreneurs. We believe dreamers should have an opportunity to run successful businesses. The decision to start a business takes courage, but you shouldn't have to do it alone. We believe in providing high-quality personalized services to businesses of all sizes. Whether you're just starting out or have been in the game for a decade; we strive to deliver – at the highest standards  – three key promises: 



Our clients give us their trust and we reward them with our work. We meet our clients' expectations to the fullest and provide the support they need in achieving goals and fulfilling their vision. 


We want our clients to do more than just succeed; we want them to thrive and grow. We remain consistent and deliver high-quality work each time. 


We believe reliability is key. We create a clear timeline for all our projects and make sure we deliver exactly what our clients want and when they want it.